The Right to Information Act, 2005 (No. 22 of 2005) received the assent of the President on 15 th June, 2005. It aims to provide the right to information for the citizens to secure access to information under the control of various public authorities, with a view to promoting transparency and accountability in the day-to-day functioning of every public authority. The Government requires an informed citizenry and transparency of information which are vital to its functioning and also to contain corruption to a certain extent as well as to hold Governments and their instrumentalities accountable to the people. All the provisions of the Act came into force with effect from 12th October, 2005.

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District Offices:

Sr.No Office Disclosure Document
1. District Collector Office ALL BRANCH COMBINED
2. District Planning Office PAD-આયોજન-કચેરી-2023
3. District Supply Office PAD-જિલ્લા-પુરવઠા-અધિકારી-2023
4. Dy.Collector (MDM) PAD-નાયબ કલેકટર કચેરી (મ.ભ.યો.)
5. Dy. DEO Office PAD-નાયબ જિલ્લા ચુંટણી અધિકારીશ્રીની કચેરી
6. District Geologist PAD-ભુસ્તરશાસ્ત્રીની-કચેરી-2023

Prant Offices:

Sr.No Office Disclosure Document
1. Prant Office Chotila PAD-PRANT CHOTILA2023
2. Prant Office Dhrangadhra PAD-PRANT DHANGADHRA2023
3. Prant Office Limbdi PAD-PRANT LIMBDI2023
4. Prant Office Patdi PAD-PRANT PADTI2023
5. Prant Office Wadhwan PAD-PRANT WADHWAN2023

Mamlatdar Offices:

Sr.No Office Disclosure Document
1. Mamlatdar Office Chotila PAD- MAMLATDAR CHOTILA
2. Mamlatdar Office Chuda PAD- MAMLATDAR CHUDA
3. Mamlatdar Office Dhrangadhra PAD- MAMLATDAR DHRANGADHRA
4. Mamlatdar Office Lakhtar PAD- MAMLATDAR LAKHTAR
5. Mamlatdar Office Limbdi PAD- MAMLATDAR LIMBDI
6. Mamlatdar Office Muli PAD- MAMLATDAR MULI
7. Mamlatdar Office Dasada PAD- MAMLATDAR DASADA
8. Mamlatdar Office Sayla PAD- MAMLATDAR SAYLA
9. Mamlatdar Office S’nagar City PAD- MAMLATDAR SURENDRANAGAR CITY
10. Mamlatdar Office Thangadh PAD- MAMLATDAR THANGADH
11. Mamlatdar Office Wadhwan PAD- MAMLATDAR WADHWAN-2023